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The Marjory Fleming Traveling Exhibit

Marjory Fleming's grave site

Ray Zager's Diary Library has built a traveling exhibit of the famous child diarist Marjory Fleming of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Marjory wrote her diary from age 6 to almost 9, she died age 8 years and 11 months.

The exhibit includes 4 pictures of her grave site (above her grave is a sculpture of her sitting on a chair with with diary and pen in hand), 13 pictures of items within the Kirkcaldy Museum, 6 books written about her, a ceramic statuette of the grave sculpture, a doll of the period, excerpts from the diary, a photo of her handwriting from the diary, and copies of her poems.

Please contact Ray Zager for information on renting this exhibit.

Who was Marjory Fleming?

She was a young child who had an innate skill for writing. At age 6 her first cousin Isabella (isa) Keith gave her a notebook and said write anything you want. With fun in her hand and mind she spun her language in the diary and completed magnificent poems. Marjory Fleming was being taught spelling, math. English and the morals of life while living cousin Isa Keith in Edinburgh, although her parents lived in Kirkcaldy.

She staid with her cousin in Edinburgh for three years and then went home at her mother's request. During those three years Marjory Fleming completed three notebooks. At home she became ill with small pox and after a while died of a brain infection. She died at age 8 years and 11 months. Cousin (isa) Isabella Keith then sent the notebooks, letters, and other possessions to her mother.

The notebooks, sketches by Isa of Marjory, a lock of her hair cut during last illness, her personal books, and other personal items were kept by her parents. Fifty seven years later, a news reporter discovered the diaries, it was then 1868; Marjory's life was from 1803 to 1811. John Brown M..D. wrote the first book about Marjory and was entitled Marjory Fleming, a story of child-life fifty years ago. The next book was by L MacBean entitled Marjory Fleming's Book, the story of Pet Marjor. In 1966 Josef & Dorothy Berger had their book, Small Voices published which included a chapter about Marjory, including the poems "Three Turkeys Fair, and The Life of Mary Queen of Scots. Other books have been written including Alexandra Johnson's The Hidden Writer and Ray Zager's Window of Self, a Diary is Forever.

Marjory is fairly well known in Europe, but not by our generation in the new world.

Mark Twain, after reading the diary and poems was quoted saying: " She is thunder-storm and sunshine."