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Private Zager

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Private Zager book cover

The book Private Zager, 71st Infantry Division, is the story of an infantry soldier in combat during WWII in Europe.

The story begins at Brooklyn Harbor when Zager is about to climb aboard a troop ship, destination France. A Mr. War God appears and accompanies him 'till war's end.

There are many valuable stories to read before, during, and after combat. During his tour he meets generals Eisenhower, Patton, and Manton S Eddy; the latter is based upon a prediction he made to Eddy"s family state-side, that he would meet him in Europe.

Battle stories: a one-to-one fire fight, being strafed by German aircraft, under German artillery fire, under cross-fire and death.

Near war's end, a German concentration camp named Gunskirchen Lager is captured. Zager is the first soldier to break the gates and enter.

V.E. Day, Victory in Europe, May 8, 1945: Zager and his best friend, Dick Colton, using Zager's jeep, find themselves in the middle of the 22nd Panser Division and at the mercy of S.S. officers.

In 1991, after 46 years, Zager returns to his first battle scene, Bitche, France. He is treated as a hero; shown the entire town including the off-limits Maginot Line, and awarded with a champagne dinner.